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Jam Central apartments is launching in the new year with a small taster of big developments to come. Our concept is based around carefree and central down town living. The idea came from our visit for new creative ideas in New York’s Meat district.

All our apartments are JAM in the centre of town and a stroll from a CENTRAL main line. All open plan and boutique living our designs will be very traditional but fused with modern day creations. When it comes to creating and design we imagined a completely innovative concept which would combine practicality and pleasure in a completely effortless and natural way.

A beautiful and harmonious space which would elegantly and subtly combine all the functional aspects of a lounge, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, whilst at the same time providing area of comfort and well-being.

Our cool new latest development will be started January 2012 and complete October in the Heart of Crystal Palace. Selling agent will soon be instructed. There are only seven apartments.

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